The Morning Pride: February 13, 2013

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– Every U.S. governor who has signed a marriage equality bill has been Catholic; Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) will likely be the sixth.

– Police are concerned that a series of middle-aged gay men in New York City have been recently murdered by strangulation, though the deaths do not appear to be linked.

– A Virginia House subcommittee has killed a bill that would afforded LGBT nondiscrimination protections.

– One of the top candidates for pope has defended “kill the gays” laws in Africa.

– In the United Kingdom, a license to perform civil partnerships costs churches £2,000. for three years, but a license to perform marriages only costs £120.


Uganda has deported British theatre producer David Cecil, calling him an “undesirable immigrant” because of his LGBT advocacy.

– A gay Jamaican is challenging the country’s anti-sodomy law.

– Denver Nuggets star Kenneth Faried, who has two moms, is officially the first NBA player to join Athlete Ally, an organization committed to fighting homophobia in sports.

– Jamar Rogers, a former contestant on The Voice, is using the visibility he got from the show to speak out about HIV, addiction, and homophobia.

– The Ohio State University men’s hockey team says, “You Can Play”: