The Morning Pride: February 15, 2012

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– Activists used Valentine’s Day to protest marriage inequality by requesting same-sex marriage licenses, and some of the sit-ins lead to arrests. The demonstrations included actions in California, Texas, South Carolina, and two in Virginia.

– Oklahoma has elected its first openly gay state senator.

– The Omaha, Nebraska City Council passed a rather weak anti-discrimination resolution last night that does not carry the weight of law enforcement.

– Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) is unsure if he supports marriage equality.

– New York’s anti-gay Sen. Rev. Ruben Dias (D) will rally against marriage equality in Trenton, NJ.

– Meet Jorge Gutierrez, who is both queer and undocumented.

– Speaking of “queer,” it’s apparently a word that the New Yorker won’t publish.

– Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa’s The FAMiLY LEADER is very concerned that the governor’s title is on an LGBTQ youth conference, suggesting the conference is “encouraging dangerous and unhealthy behavior.”


– Australian rules football player Bob Murphy thinks the growing acceptance for gay players is fostering a “sick fascination” with players’ sexuality.

– The President of Gambia says the country will never accept homosexuality or gay rights.

– Watch this touching video of an Italian gay couple’s marriage celebration:

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Ti sposerò — Gay Marriage from WEDDINGITALIA FILM on Vimeo.