The Morning Pride: February 27, 2013

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– Phoenix, Arizona, the sixth most populous city in the U.S., approved broad LGBT nondiscrimination protections last night at a contentious City Council meeting.

– Iowa Republicans are once again attempting to allow a referendum on same-sex marriage, despite the fact Democratic Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal will block such an effort as he has in years past.

– Minnesota’s marriage equality legislation will be introduced on Thursday.


– Another prominent Republican in Minnesota, former State Auditor Pat Anderson, has endorsed marriage equality.

– A Connecticut school, under pressure from the ACLU, will allow a student to wear a T-shirt with an anti-gay message.

– A Philadelphia drag queen has been univited from reading to kids, even though she has performed for kids before.

– The mayor of Paris, France charged anti-gay activists $132,000 for the park damage from their march, but individuals are now paying him between 10 cents and $1.30 at a time, and the cost of the postage for receipts will exceed the amount collected.

– A transgender woman (hijira) is running for office in Pakistan for the first time.

– A New Zealand parliamentary committee has given first approval to a same-sex marriage bill.

– Jacob Rudolph, the New Jersey high school student who powerfully came out to his classmates last month, is petitioning Gov. Chris Christie (R) to support a bill that would ban ex-gay therapy for young people.