The Morning Pride: January 24, 2014

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– President Obama has publicly used the word “gay” 272 times in five years.

– A new poll shows that a majority of people living in states that do not have marriage equality support marriage equality (51–41).

– Married same-sex couples in 17 states will now be able to apply for VA-backed mortgages through the VA Home Loan Centers.


– A same-sex couple that live in Michigan but married in New York have been told by their homestate they must undergo a six-month “probation period” before the state will grant their name change.

– Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s new conservative coalition, Imago Dei, may say that gay people are made in God’s image, but all of its members have promoted a very different message.

– Two Oregon marriage lawsuits have been combined.

– The Tampa Bay Times has endorsed marriage equality.

– A new study finds that transgender and intersex advocacy groups face significant hurdles in securing funding for their work.

– Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) said he might be open to civil unions, but no one in Utah is proposing them.

– The Minnesota Republicans have rescinded their vote of “no confidence” for Sen. Brendan Peterson (R), an admonishment they administered for his support of marriage equality.


– The National Organization for Marriage wants to impeach Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) for not defending Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage.

– A leading gay rights activist in Azerbaijan, Isa Shakhmarli, committed suicide by hanging himself with a rainbow flag.

– Kye Allums, the first openly transgender Division 1 athlete, responds to the Grantland article about “Dr. V” by recounting his own experience watching ESPN discuss his past without his permission.