The Morning Pride: January 27, 2014

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– Gay basketball player Jason Collins will join Michelle Obama for the State of the Union Tuesday night.

– A Virginia Senate committee killed a bill that would have allowed second-parent adoption for same-sex couples.

– Virginia may consider a bill to allow lawmakers to defend laws the attorney general does not.

– With Attorney General Mark Herring’s announcement that he won’t defend Virginia’s law banning same-sex marriage, the judge says she’s ready to rule without hearing oral arguments.


– The Nevada Attorney General will have to rethink her arguments now that the Ninth Circuit has granted heightened scrutiny to sexual orientation.

– Though Republican National Committee member Dave Agema has apologized for some remarks about Muslim Americans, he hasn’t apologized for his virulently anti-gay remarks, and despite calls from Party Chairman Reince Priebus to resign, Agema isn’t stepping down.

– Indiana state Rep. Milo Smith (R), chair of the committee that advanced the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage last week, has an openly gay son, who was particularly disappointed in his father’s vote.

– Conservatives in Chattanooga, Tennessee are trying to recall City Councilman Chris Anderson for supporting domestic partner benefits for city employees.

– Though the president who fired him has stepped down, the Washington Catholic school that ousted its high school vice principal for marrying his same-sex partner is not willing to rehire him.


– Northern Cyprus has decriminalized gay sex, which means that there are no such laws left in Europe, which joins North American and Australia.

– Trinity College in Dublin will boycott Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble for sponsoring the Sochi Olympics because of Russia’s human rights violations.

– Canada has named ice hockey player Hayley Wickenheiser, an outspoken critic of Russia’s anti-gay laws, as its flag-bearer for at the Opening Ceremonies.

– The new World Boxing Association female light welterweight world champion, Ana Laura “La Monita” Esteche, came out moments after her victory.

– During last night’s Grammys, 33 gay and straight couples (including two same-sex couples from Utah), married during a performance of Macklemore’s “Same Love”: