The Morning Pride: July 16, 2013

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– At least two transgender women have successfully filed claims of anti-trans discrimination, thanks to rulings by the Department of Justice based on legal guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that Title VII’s protections against sex discrimination include gender identity.

– Still, these protections are not spelled out or reliable guaranteed, which is why Lambda Legal says the victory it helped secure is all the more reason to pass the Employment Nondiscrimination Act, codifying the protections into explicit law.

– Proponents of California’s Prop 8 asked the State Supreme Court to halt same-sex marriages in the state, but the Court denied the request.

– Chicago is now home to the first-ever comprehensive transgender housing center in the nation.

– Did Weber State University, a public school in Utah, fire one of its professors because he opposed naming a family program after an anti-gay Mormon leader?


– Greece has reinstated a controversial measure that allows police to force HIV tests upon individuals they arrest, and could lead to unfair targeting of drug users, sex workers, and undocumented migrants — possibly even evicting them from their homes.

– Anglican Mainstream, an anti-gay religious group in the UK, compared the passage of marriage equality to the rise of Nazi Germany.