The Morning Pride: July 3, 2012

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– This weekend, a group of 150 Mormons publicly “declared their independence from Mormonism” in protest of the Church’s positions on social issues.

– Sorry, Jitters and Bliss Coffee, you cannot partner with the National Organization for Marriage and “maintain a neutral corporate position on marriage,” regardless of what NOM’s press releases say.

– A lesbian couple has come forward saying their family was also discriminated against by an athletic club in Roanoke.


– The Alliance Defense Fund has appealed the case of the discriminating wedding photographer to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

– A new fund will help educate New York City police to not profile transgender women.

– Argentina’s president personally delivered the first national identity cards under a new law that recognizes transgender citizens’ authentic gender.

– Meet the California man who walked across the country to raise awareness for LGBT rights.