The Morning Pride: June 16, 2011

Good morning from Minneapolis and the first day of Netroots Nation! ThinkProgress LGBT will be attending a full day of panels and discussions, so expect blogging to be lighter than usual.

New York Assembly passes same-sex marriage: Last night, the New York Assembly passed the marriage bill by a vote of 80- 63. The measure now moves to the Senate, where it appears to be one vote shy of passing. [Washington Post]

Boehner not to appeal DOMA decision: The House Speaker will not appeal Monday’s court decision, which found that “DOMA Section 3 is in violation of the US Constitution.’ [NYT]

Netroots pre-conference focused on LGBT issues: “More complete representation of the LGBT people in the media and greater attention to transgender issues were among the issues bloggers and activists discussed on Wednesday during an LGBT pre-conference for the annual Netroots Nation convention.” [Chris Johnson]


Netroots kicks off with LGBT panel: Netroots Nation kicks off at 9 AM CT with a panel titled, “Life Since Vegas: How the Netroots Forced Action on DADT and DREAM.” The panel includes immigration activist Jackie Mahendra, DREAM activists Yahaira Carillo and Felipe Matos, GetEQUAL’s Heather Cronk and the former communications director at SLDN, Trevor Thomas (who is now at Equality Matters.) [AmercaBlog]

Romney on LGBT issues: Would the real Mitt Romney please stand up? [Chris Johnson]

More Bachmann crazy on LGBT issues: “Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is now seeking the Republication presidential nomination, had claimed in 2005 that she was almost abducted by two women in a bathroom.” [The Advocate]