The Morning Pride: June 26, 2012

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– Oreo cookies showed its pride on Facebook yesterday with the message “Proudly support love!” Unfortunately, cookies do not actually come in those colors.

– What commitments to listen for at the Pentagon’s Pride Month event today.

– The Maryland Marriage Alliance submitted an additional 40,000 signatures to challenge the marriage equality law.

– The National Stonewall Democrats announced its first 25 endorsements yesterday.

– Salon highlights 21 historic closet cases who were notoriously homophobic before being outed.

– Congressional groups participated in a forum on “Invisible Lives,” last week, discussing the experiences of people who are both black and LGBT.


– Young people shared many stories of homelessness, bullying, and discrimination at this weekend’s Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth.

– The Arizona State Bar has elected attorney Amelia Craig Cramer as its president, the organization’s first openly gay or lesbian leader.

Jeremy Hooper called it: the National Organization for Marriage is behind the pathetic “Dump General Mills” campaign.

– The school board in Helena, Montana is considering extending domestic partner benefits.

– Newly engaged Dr. Scout and Liz Margolies talked to Melissa Harris-Perry about reactions to their White House proposal:

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