The Morning Pride: June 28, 2011

Welcome to The Morning Pride, ThinkProgress LGBT’s 8:45 AM round-up of the latest in LGBT policy, politics, and some culture too! Here’s what we’re reading this morning, but let us know what you’re checking out too.

– The big question is: After New York, what’s next? The Associated Press has its eye on Minnesota, where a referendum on a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage is on the ballot for 2012. But the New York Times has New Jersey on its mind, where Lambda Legal will be filing suit this week that the civil unions there do not live up to the equality demanded by the New Jersey Supreme Court in 2006. And according to a fundraising email this week from Equality Maine, they will have an “important announcement about winning marriage in Maine” later this week. One state that won’t be getting marriage anytime soon? Florida.

– Brazil may also be getting its first same-sex marriage. A Sao Paulo state judge ruled that two men could convert their civil union into a full marriage in accordance with Brazil’s constitution.

– David Frum, a conservative columnist, admitted yesterday that he was “wrong” for opposing same-sex marriage.

– As if it weren’t offensive enough the first time around, the team has appealed their attempt to overturn Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision striking down Prop 8 because he is gay, and thus should have recused himself.


– The U.S. Agency for International Development has announced it will soon name a senior coordinator for sexual orientation and gender identity who will help address LGBT issues overseas.

– Yesterday we learned that there have been additional Don’t Ask Don’t Tell discharges. Take some time to today to read this story of one couple struggling to live under the policy, which is still in effect.

– According to new research, the “best perceived” brands by LGBT Americans are Google and YouTube, followed by Netflix, Amazon, and Subway. See the full list.