The Morning Pride: June 4, 2012

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– The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that a former same-sex partner had parental rights to a child they raised together.

– Colorado civil unions supporters held an “uncivil soiree” to regroup and prepare for 2013.

– The Minnesota State Democratic Convention opened with a call to oppose the marriage inequality amendment.

– The Conservative branch of American Judaism has officially endorsed allowing rabbis to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies.

– Over 300 straight Mormons marched in the Utah Gay Pride Parade this weekend.

Poland and Latvia hosted gay pride marches this weekend as well.

– Levels of homophobic bullying are very high in Scottish sports.

– The Facebook page for the conservative group One Million Moms has disappeared shortly after being overwhelmed with positive comments about the new Green Lantern being gay.


– Meanwhile, Target is officially blocking One Million Moms’ emails, and Macy’s has issued its own celebration of Pride Month.

– More than 150,000 attended “Gay Days” at Walt Disney World this weekend.

– Nike will be hosting a milestone LGBT sports summit.

– Jason Alexander wrote a thought-provoking apology for some gay-insensitive comments he made last week on The Late Late Show.

– More research supports the validity that there is such a thing as “gaydar” in human perception.

– Queen Latifah definitely did not come out at Long Beach Pride.