The Morning Pride: June 7, 2012

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– Anti-gay activists in Washington have submitted what seems to be more than enough signatures to challenge the state’s new marriage equality law, which will delay it from taking effect until after passing voter approval of Referendum 74 in November.

– Rev. Keith Ratliff, president of the Iowa/Nebraska NAACP, has left the organization because of his disagreement on same-sex marriage.

– House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has pledged that if she resumes her role as Speaker, she will put an end to the House’s legal defense of the Defense of Marriage Act.

– A newspaper in Macon, Georgia has refused to print a lesbian couple’s wedding announcement.

– A New Jersey family is suing their local school district after officials only offered bullying interventions such as “enroll in sports” or move to another district.

Denmark is poised to pass marriage equality today.

Tunisia has rejected recommendations from the United Nations Human Rights Commission to decriminalize gay sex, calling sexual orientation a “Western concept” incompatible with Islam.

– CNN highlights Ashley Ackley’s effort to challenge the military’s ban on transgender servicemembers:

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