The Morning Pride: May 11, 2012

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– Senator John Kerry and 16 of his colleagues have urged the White House to delay the deportation of immigrants who cannot access legal status because of their same-sex marriages.

– During this West Coast campaign tour this week, President Obama referenced his new support of the freedom to marry, telling a Seattle crowd, “We are moving forward” on equality.

– Are the Democrats rethinking whether to hold their convention in North Carolina because Amendment One passed?

Former Sen. Bob Kerry (D-NE), who is seeking re-election after an 11-year hiatus, added his support for marriage equality this week.


– After receiving complaints, the Church of Ireland has withdrawn a motion defining opposite-sex marriage as the “only normative context for sexual intercourse.”

– The Family Research Council has released its half-hour horror film about same-sex marriage, chock full of advocacy for ex-gay therapy and representatives from hate groups.

– In case you missed it, check out this interactive infographic from the Guardian detailing where all 50 states stand on LGBT issues.