The Morning Pride: May 14, 2013

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– Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (DFL) will sign the marriage equality bill today at 5 PM central.

– With just three weeks remaining in the legislative session, the Illinois House may be edging closer to having the votes to pass marriage equality.


– The brutal torture and murder of a gay man in Russia is the latest and most extreme example of the country’s hostile attitudes toward the LGBT community.

– Dr. Joyce Brother has passed away, but she leaves behind decades of advice columns that demonstrate her evolution as an LGBT ally.

– NFL cornerback Charles Woodson had a very thoughtful response about how teams might respond to a gay player:

WOODSON: With Jason Collins coming out and letting everybody know he was gay, it forces you to deal with it. If you’re someone who is against gay people, then my question is what you’re going to do once a player comes out in your locker room? Are you going to quit football?

If you’re a coach and you don’t like the fact that a player is gay, are you going to stop coaching? I don’t think so. It would force guys to deal with it and you’d get over it. I’m sure there are probably players in the locker room who have thought another player was gay in the past. It’s not going to stop you from playing football. Life will go on and everybody will keep going out there doing their job.

Fans of the Portland Timbers are definitely ready to support a gay player.

– Here’s a brief glimpse at the joy in the Minnesota Capitol rotunda when the Senate passed marriage equality Monday: