The Morning Pride: November 21, 2013

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– President Obama posthumously honored civil rights leader Bayard Rustin and astronaut Sally Ride with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he presented to their surviving same-sex partners, Walter Naegle and Tam O’Shaughnessy.

– Houston, Texas will begin to provide benefits to the same-sex partners of city employees.

– Here are 12 researchers who have called out the religious right for using their studies to condemn LGBT people over the years.


– The Indiana woman who claims she was denied hospital visitation with her same-sex partner has been arrested for causing the harm that put her partner in the hospital to begin with.

– A new poll finds that cyberbullying is still prevalent among young people, but tolerance for it has declined since 2011.

– The Scottish Parliament granted initial approval to marriage equality Wednesday with a 98–15 vote; the legislative process will resume in 2014.

– Coca-Cola has indicated it likely won’t do much to advocate for Russia’s gay community during the Olympics, of which its a headline sponsor.

– Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that “hatred towards anyone” is unacceptable, but in stark contradiction, he still insists that the country’s “gay propaganda” law is important to protect children.

– The European Parliament has allocated a major fund for combating anti-LGBT discrimination.

– Did the NFL almost get its first openly gay player?