The Morning Pride: October 1, 2012

Welcome to The Morning Pride, ThinkProgress LGBT’s daily round-up of the latest in LGBT policy, politics, and some culture too! Here’s what we’re reading this morning, but please let us know what stories you’re following as well. Follow us all day on Twitter at @TPEquality.

– Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) says, “It Gets Better.”

– The Minnesota Catholic Conference is investing significant money and resources into the marriage inequality amendment fight.

– Though it hasn’t run anywhere yet, the National Organization for Marriage has prepared a radio ad using the faulty Mark Regnerus study to argue that same-sex marriage hurts children.


– Gay men in the UK will now be able to have their criminal convictions for consensual gay sex wiped from their records.

– The Christian Institute claims there aren’t enough gay people in the UK to warrant equal rights.

– Malawi has backed away from its move to decriminalize homosexuality.

– Chile’s 14th Sexual Diversity March broke its attendance record with an estimated 20,000 marching.

– Not all Baltimore Ravens support marriage equality, with center Matt Birk writing that it will have “consequences” for “the next generation.” Minnesota Viking Chris Kluwe is already preparing a response to “poke holes in logical inconsistencies.”

– SBNation has a compellingly thorough profile of out soccer player David Testo.

SportsTalk Live co-hosts Brian Mitchell and Ivan Carter invite all athletes to have a safe and fair place on the playing field: