The Morning Pride: October 3, 2011

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– In case you missed it, watch President Obama’s speech from this weekend’s Human Rights Campaign dinner.

– Herman Cain tried to suggest the booing of a gay soldier at the last Republican presidential debate was actually booing of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (as if there is a difference), but admitted he should have responded to it.

– Former vice president Dick Cheney is “leery” of criticism of the candidates for not condemning the booing, but says he thinks repealing DADT is “the right thing to do.”


– Legal proceedings continue this week in Doe v. Reed, a lawsuit regarding the disclosure of signatures in Washington’s Referendum 71.

– One of the students accused of harassing Jamey Rodemeyer’s sister, Alyssa, has (finally) been suspended.

– Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach won his fight against DADT, receiving notice that his discharge has been withdrawn.

– The mentor of Fox News’ Dr. Keith Ablow, Fred Berlin, says Ablow didn’t get his transphobic ideas from him.

– Could this be the first time the New York Times acknowledged the existence of gender-neutral pronouns?

– The New York City Fire Department has welcomed its first transgender firefighter.

Pastor Tom Brown wants to recall El Paso’s mayor and two of its City Council members for “rewarding homosexuals” with domestic partner benefits.

– Nevada’s transgender nondiscrimination protections have gone into effect.

– The Syracuse Post-Standard’s editorial board says that Ledyard town clerk Rose Marie Belforti is “wrong” to refuse to issue same-sex marriage certificates.

– A hilarious yet tragic report from an ex-gay conference.

– VIDEO: Check out Australia’s new marriage equality campaign, “I Do.”

Russian gay prides face censorship and violence.

– VIDEO: Bill Maher says, “It Gets Better.”

Toby Keith has relatively positive things to say about gays and women in the military.

– This “Marriage according to the Bible” infographic pairs nicely with this attempt from Jesus to record an anti-same-sex marriage PSA: