The Morning Pride: October 4, 2013

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President Obama is “impressed” with Pope Francis’ “incredible sense of empathy to the least of these, to the poor.”

– Vice President Biden will no longer be speaking at this weekend’s Human Rights Campaign dinner because the government shutdown.

– The New Jersey Assembly has a new Republican, Chris Brown, willing to vote to override Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) veto of marriage equality, despite originally opposing the bill.


– In a panel discussion about marriage equality in Illinois, the Robert Gilligan of the Catholic Conference of Illinois emphasized his desire to let people blatantly discriminate against same-sex couples.

Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle has come out in support of a marriage equality initiative in Oregon.

– Meet Mary and Carol, a North Carolina couple that’s been together nearly 30 years, but were denied a marriage license in a public demonstration.

– Idaho will require married same-sex couples to still file their state taxes as “single.”

– According to the Liberty Counsel, teaching students about LGBT people’s existence, including the recent murder of a New Jersey woman who was beat to death for being transgender, is “sexual assault on our children.”

– A new report estimates about 1.4 million Latino/a adults identify as LGBT.

– The Providence College faculty passed a resolution criticizing the school’s handling of a visit by marriage equality proponent John Corvino, suggesting it “damaged the academic reputation of the college.”


– A new study finds that bisexual adolescents face unique health challenges as they get older because of biphobia from both the straight and gay communities, including invisibility in the “It Gets Better” campaign.

– A Russian imam is calling on people to boycott Elton John’s concert because “society is being attacked by nonconformists and perverts.”

– The Singapore High Court has ruled that the country’s law criminalizing gay sex is constitutional.

– The Council of Europe has adopted a resolution in support of “children’s right to physical integrity,” calling for an end to cosmetic surgical treatment for intersex children.