The Morning Pride: September 7, 2011

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Shannon Minter and Ari Ezra Waldman offer some legal commentary on yesterday’s Prop 8 proceedings and Sean Chapin provides video of the dueling protests outside the courthouse.

– Both Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain joined Mitt Romney at Monday’s presidential forum in suggesting religious organizations are entitled to government subsidy, even when they discriminate against same-sex couples.

– The Department of Justice continues to advocate on behalf of same-sex binational couples whose relationships are threatened by the Defense of Marriage Act.

– The Washington Blade asks: will President Obama’s jobs speech tomorrow be LGBT-inclusive?

– Fred Karger sits down with The New Civil Rights Movement.

– The National Organization for Marriage endorses the idea that normalizing homosexuality will lead to “sexual anarchy.”

– New Jersey’s new anti-bullying legislation goes above and beyond what any state currently has in place.

– Lambda Legal will be filing a federal employment discrimination lawsuit this morning in Texas on behalf of a former state employee.


– California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has signed into law the Equal Benefits bill (SB 117), which prevents the state from entering into major contracts with companies that discriminate against same-sex couples.

– According to someone at the Minnesota for Marriage booth, “You know, in Europe, people are marrying animals!” She did not know which country or which animals.

– Cornell University students are questioning whether someone who founded an ex-gay clinic in Qatar should be on the board of their medical college.

– Carl Siciliano tells Sojourners magazine that religious rejection is responsible for the large LGBT youth homeless population.

– North Carolinians continue to weigh in on a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

– A Scottish soldiers is the first in the country to ever be convicted of a crime motivated by transphobia.

– Read the story of a gay Ugandan refugee living in the San Francisco Bay Area.