The Most Anti-Environment House in History: How is Your Representative Voting?

There are some very nasty pieces of legislation floating around the House that could strip away some of the nation’s most important energy and environmental programs.

We’re not looking at some modest cuts here and there — Congress is considering spending bills that could completely decimate government’s ability to regulate clean air and water, while turning clean energy programs into an afterthought.

Since the 112th Congress began, there have been 110 anti-environment votes taken by the House — with 20 related to climate change, 28 on air and water pollution, and 22 on clean energy.

So how has your representative been voting on environmental issues? Below is a list of the votes on key legislation. It’s a daunting list, but it does show how important (or unimportant) energy and environment are to the House:

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Terry Gallagher

With all of the current focus on the debate over raising the National Debt limit, we might be missing the Far Right’s systematic attack on regulations that protect the environment and our health. In their ability to control the conversation, they are fundamentaly changing our children’s future while we remain blissfully ignorant or at least politely silent.

July 30 at 10:34amRobbie Love Giles

I am ashamed to say that the 4 member strong Idaho reps and senators are front and center in the ‘dismantle the EPA movement.’ Mike Simpson is one of the worst. As a Christian, I believe that God shared his wonderful creation with humans. We do not own it, we are simply part of it and responsible for our actions and their consequences. All these talibangelicals and tea party radicals miss the point. You can only defecate in your living room so long before your home in uninhabitable. Time is running out for us on this earth. Not the rapture (made up theology, not in the Bible), but an unsustainable raping of the environment by greedy, ignorant, and uncaring individuals.


Call your elected reps and let them know how you want them to vote. It may not change their minds, but they will know about your views. Then vote in 2012 to yank some of these idiots out of DC and back to their smaller ponds.

You can also check to see how your reps voted on Thomas.​/LegislativeData.php?n=BSS

Sunday at 4:35pmPeter S. Mizla

Living in Connecticut- I am sort of insular of what is happening away from the extreme northeast. The congressional delegation here (5 representatives) has been very proactive with the environment, and social safety nets.

Joe LIEberman is not running in 2012- though he acknowledges global warming.

July 30 at 10:40amC Ann Lawrence

Get involved in what’s happening in NYS. Winds blow west to east. Several Tea Party people were voted into office in 2010, like Hanna in Central NY. Get your reps to pressure the people like Hanna and Buerkle. We are all connected.

July 30 at 2:16pm

Joan Savage

Thanks for the list and the prompt to review my congressional representative.With Tea party support, freshman Ann Marie Buerkle (R-25th NY) beat incumbent Dan Maffei (D-NY) by a narrow 567 votes. Buerkle voted on party lines for repeal of light bulb standards, forbidding regulation of anything called a greenhouse gas, and favoring offshore drilling. Perhaps notably, she did not put out press releases to hometown papers on either her light bulb or GHG votes, either of which would prompt some comment around here. Local news media focuses instead on the federal financial issues.

July 30 at 2:01pmMaureen Sutton

What the hell is wrong with these people? What will it take for them to stop this? Don’t they know it affects them too? What more can we do?

Monday at 12:39pmDean A McCoy

Want burning rivers again? Sure sounds like the House GOP does. It’s a long list but take the time to take a look.

July 30 at 2:42pm


it’s The Koch brothers.

July 30 at 1:01pmMaureen Sutton

BIG list!

Monday at 12:40pmBärbel Winkler

I didn’t do a complete tally but from what I saw, the votes are exactly opposite to what they should be if long term considerations and future generations were taken into account. Why isn’t this shortsightedness and/or ignorance visible in those votes used against those voting like this?

July 30 at 12:04pmC Ann Lawrence

Could be many of them plan on being raptured up in 2012, seriously, and thus don’t care.

July 30 at 2:13pm