The most hysterical coverage of Hillary Clinton’s health

‘Will she survive?’

CREDIT: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
CREDIT: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia.

She was diagnosed last Friday and is on antibiotics. She attempted to keep her normal campaign schedule but, after getting dehydrated at the 9/11 memorial ceremony, decided to take a few days off. Her campaign says she’ll be back on the trail later this week.

Clinton is one of two people with a reasonable chance of being our next president so coverage of her health, particularly after video emerged of her needing assistance to get into a van yesterday, is appropriate and warranted.

The details of her condition, however, are pretty boring. She has a very typical illness and is receiving standard treatment. It’s something that happens to millions of people every year.


But that hasn’t stopped a feeding frenzy of coverage that is completely divorced from the facts of her condition or any other facts.

NPR’s Cokie Roberts: Democrats are talking about replacing Clinton with Biden

Appearing on NPR, Cokie Roberts reported that anonymous people are “beginning to whisper about having [Hillary Clinton] step aside and finding another candidate.” She then hesitated, noting that it was “unlikely to be a real thing,” before diving back into the speculation.

“They have looked at what happens… the candidate that everybody looks at is Joe Biden,” Roberts added.

Drudge: Will she survive?

Matt Drudge is the pioneer of hysterical Clinton health coverage. He took his typically subtle approach to the issue.

Fox News: Could Clinton’s health cause her to drop out?

Just asking questions!

New York Post: Crisis

Nothing spices up a story like some grainy screen captures and a purple circle.

CNN’s John King: Clinton hid her illness because she ‘refuse[s] to be human’

CNN reporter John King said that Clinton did not disclose her pneumonia to the press because, along with her husband Bill, “refuse to be human” and “talk to people.”

Hillary Clinton released a letter from her doctor last year with details of her medical history and test results which concluded that Hillary was in “excellent physical condition.” She is expected to release more medical information soon.


Trump released a letter from his doctor with less details that was composed in five minutes as Trump’s limo waited. It concluded that Trump will be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” He will discuss his “astonishingly excellent” health this week with a celebrity physician Dr. Oz.