The most read Climate Progress posts of 2008

Here are all the year’s posts viewed by 15,000 or more people.

It is a more arbitrary list than the most-discussed posts of 2008, since it is wholly determined by whether I get picked up by some uber-popular website like Digg or if the post pops up in search engines. But I will include this list in the year-end recap if for no other reason than it contains one post guaranteed to make you laugh:

15,933 Views: Physicists forced to reaffirm that human-caused global warming is “incontrovertible”

[The only post to make both lists.]


18,962: The truth-telling ad ABC won’t let you see — and what you can do about it

[This received 1700 Diggs and temporarily crashed my system — otherwise it probably would have gotten considerably more views.]

20,611: Bush launches Unendangered Species List, phones “Rename the Polar Bear” winner

[A lot of people come to Climate Progress after doing a search on polar bears.]

21,848: More conclusive proof of global warming

[If that post doesn’t make you smile, then you are simply impervious to schadenfreude.]

23,683: In her big speech, Palin repeats the GOP’s big energy lie — plus three other energy lies, too

[This one shows the benefits of getting out a blog post fast — this post was published before she even began speaking!]

25,811: Warming’s new hybrid — the Grolar bear or Pizzly

[Did I mention that people love polar bear posts.]

36,939: Corn hits a new record — $6 a bushel

[Andrew Sullivan picked this up — and, of course, nothing is more dissable than corn ethanol.]

45,788: Vatican: The Solution to Pollution is Damnation

[I have no friggin’ clue why this post from March gets so many views. It was viewed 9500 times in December alone. Yet Technorati lists only two links to it. That means it must be cropping up on Google searches. Again, not sure why. Such are the vagaries of this list.]