The NRA is not untouchable

The NRA has had its grip on our politics for decades. But things are changing.

The NRA is not untouchable.

After a mass shooting killed 17 people in Florida, companies rushed to distance themselves from the NRA. In just one week, amid pressure from thousands of people on social media, two dozen companies announced they would end their partnerships with the gun lobby.

This pressure came after ThinkProgress published a list of companies that entice more people to join the NRA by providing additional benefits to NRA members. This list has since been viewed by millions of people — people who took action to demand change.

The grassroots pressure on companies to end their relationships with the NRA become a national story that virtually every major media organization covered.

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We’re not easing up on the gun lobby anytime soon.

After our initial report, we kept digging. We published a story exposing the banks supporting gun manufacturers. We reported on the tech companies that stream NRA propaganda online. We published a confidential internal document revealing FedEx has secretly allowed powerful forces in the gun industry, including the NRA, to ship guns at a much lower cost.

And we keep getting results.

For example, Delta and United abruptly announced they would terminate their contracts with the NRA to provide discounted flights to the organization’s annual convention in May, just hours after ThinkProgress reported the NRA was touting special discount codes for their members.

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The past several weeks have proven the value of progressive journalism. Even in the Trump era, providing the facts to our readers has the power to make a real difference in the world.

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The NRA has had its grip on our politics for decades. But things are changing. And we’ll keep fighting. Join us.

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