The Public Wants To Raise The Minimum Wage To $10.25

Two thirds of Americans support raising the minimum wage, according to a new poll out Wednesday from ABC News/Washington Post. And they have a number in mind. According to the poll, the 66 percent of respondents who support a wage hike believe that it should be raised to $10.25 an hour — $3 over the current national minimum wage of $7.25, and 15 cents higher than the minimum wage proposal the Senate is currently considering.

These results mirror other recent polls conducted by Public Policy Polling, which have repeatedly found states — from Arkansas to Michigan — favor raising the minimum wage.

The poll also comes as the conversation about raising the minimum wage is heating up. Several proposals — all pushed by Democrats — have gone before the House and Senate to raise the wage over the last several months. Meanwhile, states and municipalities are taking matters into their own hands. Just Tuesday, Washington, DC’s council approved a minimum wage hike to $11.50 by the end of 2016, putting it on track to be the state or territory with the highest minimum wage. And earlier this year, the town of SeaTac, Washington, approved a $15 minimum wage, the highest in the country.

The minimum wage has become a painful encapsulation of the nation’s stagnating wages and worsening inequality. While it was raised slightly in 2009, the $7.25 rate is still far below what minimum wage would have been ($10.40) if it had been tied to inflation back in 1968.