The RNC drinking game

Because of Hurricane Gustav, I delayed the start of this drinking game. But this is the best one ever:

Down a shot whenever any speaker uses some variant of the word “drill.” You must stop drinking for an hour anytime a speaker mentions “global warming” or “climate change.”

Now nothing can get you plastered as quickly as listening to a Bush speech on climate or energy and taking a shot whenever he uses the word “technology” — that can be a staggering (literally) 19 shots in 21 minutes.

But I do believe this is the only drinking game in recorded history where you can get drunk during the commercials! I bet a couple of Pickens’ ads — “I say drill, drill, drill” — would slow down even the irrepressible Alaskan supermom Sarah Palin pretty fast.


WARNING: Do not, under any circumstances, listen to the RNC while driving or operating heavy machinery like a drill rig or a single-hulled oil tanker near an Alaskan port….

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