The Seven Craziest Positions Of Senate Candidate Sam Rohrer (R-PA)

Former Pennsylvania State Rep. Sam Rohrer (R) is leading the GOP field for his party’s nomination for U.S. Senate, according to the latest PPP poll. He is seeking the right to challenge Sen. Bob Casey Jr. (D) in November.

But Rohrer holds some downright crazy views on American politics and the role of government — arguing that the federal government has only three roles, suggesting that voters should no longer be trusted to elect their own U.S. senators, and even once likening drivers’ licenses to slavery.

Here are seven of his most outrageous statements:


Since his proposed repeal of the 17th Amendment is not yet a reality, on April 24, Republican primary voters get the chance to decide whether they share Rohrer’s radical positions. Rohrer had just better hope none of them have to take a federal highway to get to the polls.