The Touching Story Of A Gay Marine And His Male Date At The Marine Corps Birthday Ball

A gay Marine who has had to live under the stress of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell describes the new pressures of serving in the aftermath of repeal and the experience of bringing his male date to the annual Corps Birthday Ball. Here is an excerpt:

I knew that we would be the only male/male couple at the ball (I knew a good friend of mine would be half of the only female/female couple there). I knew that people would be staring at us, talking about us, and probably avoiding us. I knew that as a civilian, Brandon had no idea about our customs and courtesies, but I knew he wanted to understand them and would be respectful of them. I knew that there would be some people who were supportive of us, but I also knew that most people would just be professionally accepting of the fact that we were there together. I knew that there were some people who would not at all approve of the fact that we were there, but could only hope they would be professional enough to keep those opinions to themselves.