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CREDIT: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
CREDIT: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Trump and the Republicans control the White House, the House and the Senate.

But they can’t control the truth.

On Wednesday night, we learned that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had lied under oath about his contacts with the Russian government. Since that time we’ve delivered critical reporting and analysis on this story to millions of people.

Stories like this are why we started the Trump Investigative Fund. We set a fundraising goal of $500,000 to add several more investigative reporters to our team.


Trump’s actions represent an unprecedented assault on democratic institutions. Unfortunately, every day, there is critical work that we’d like to do but simply do not have the capacity to pursue.

Thanks to the support of our readers, we have less than $100,000 to go in order to meet our goal. If you kick in $40, we’ll send you this t-shirt.

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Check out just some of what ThinkProgress has done in less than 24 hours since the news broke:

  • We exposed Sessions’ shifting and contradictory explanations for his deception in the hours after the story broke.
  • We unearthed historical quotes from Sessions where he argues that anyone who lies under oath should be immediately removed from office, and any investigation involving the president should be pursued by an independent prosecutor.
  • We produced the first comprehensive list of members of Congress calling for Sessions to resign. It quickly grew momentum and now includes more than 100 elected officials.

This story is just starting. Help us add the resources we need to hold Trump accountable.

We have a proven track record of exposing the truth about Trump.

  • Our exclusive investigation revealed that Kuwait, under political pressure, moved its annual event to the Trump Hotel. Our story was cited by USA Today as evidence of Trump’s corruption and “exactly what the Founding Fathers were trying to protect against.” It was also cited in the first lawsuit against Trump over his conflicts of interest.
  • We comprehensively cataloged all of Donald Trump’s promises — 663 of them and counting. This project involved reviewing transcripts of all Trump’s speeches and media appearances during the campaign, a database that consisted of over 4 million words. Our work revealed that, Trump failed to deliver on 34 of the 36 things he promised to do in his first day.
  • ThinkProgress exclusively reported on a gag order placed on the renewables team at the Department of Energy. “[W]e are PROHIBITED from any social media post (from personal or business handles) regarding your work, attendance at any meeting, etc until further notice,” ordered the email obtained by ThinkProgress.

As his grip on the federal bureaucracy strengthens, the challenge of holding Trump accountable grows exponentially.

We need to file Freedom of Information Act requests, monitor government contracts, and communicate with whistle blowers. We need more resources, because we have so much more work to do.

The future is still unwritten. Join us as we resist.