The Wine Track

This Gallup survey from last year can perhaps help shed some light on Tim Pawlenty’s angry and nonsensical denunciation of the political views of wine drinkers:

As you can see, beer has only a modest lead over wine in terms of Americans’ adult beverage preferences. But that lead basically consists of a massive Midwestern preference for beer. In the East, the West, and the South the two are neck-in-neck, but Pawlenty hails from an idiosyncratically wine-averse region — a region largely inhabited by people who can trace their ancestry back to the Central European “beer belt”. Pawlenty is also a man, suggesting a fondness for beer.


At any rate, my personal preferences run toward beer or bourbon. But I have the good sense to pick fights, politically speaking, with people whose political views I don’t like. If some people want to enjoy chablis, that’s fine by me.