The Wonk Room’s Matt Duss discusses the future of the Iranian protests on MSNBC

This afternoon, the Wonk Room’s Matt Duss appeared on MSNBC to discuss President Obama’s statements on Iran and what to watch for during the upcoming days’ protests. He credited Obama for being “clear and steady” in his support of the Iranians’ human rights and questioned “what, if anything, [Obama] could do simply by speaking out, as his critics insist he should.” He also drew parallels between the events happening now in Iran and those before the 1979 Revolution:

DUSS: As you said, the huge ceremonies and demonstrations that are happening right now, this is very important symbolism. These are the same sort of demonstrations that took place leading up to the 1979 Revolution and Mousavi and the people around him have been very smart to put Khamenei in the position of the Shah right now. And we need to wait and see something that could really tip this or be a tipping point is when the clerical establishment starts to fall away from the regime and start to go out and release more statements in support of the demonstrators.

Watch it:


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Claire Teitelman