The WonkLine: September 10, 2010

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Climate Change

Bill McKibben and youth climate activists are meeting this morning with White House staff about restoring solar power to the White House roof — “this is a chance to make at least symbolic amends.”

Even though BP “ billed its Deepwater Horizon inquiry as an independent look at the disaster,” the oil giant admitted to the Wall Street Journal “its lawyers were allowed to “review” the long-awaited report before it was published.”


Nature magazine excoriates the “anti-science streak on the American right” as McClatchy reports that “conservative Republicans around the country are using cap and trade — a way to limit global warming pollution — as a political weapon to attack GOP moderates as well as Democrats.”

Health Care

“The nation’s largest business lobby on Thursday urged Senate lawmakers to back the full repeal of a controversial provision of the new health reform law designed to ensure that businesses (and others) pay all the taxes they owe.”

“The Colorado Health Institute, the state’s non-partisan non-ideological non-profit source for health care information, is reporting that state and federal laws passed in the last two years have expanded Medicaid eligibility by nearly 200,000 uninsured adults in the state.”

Five ways health reform affects college students.


“The White House is close to announcing its pick to lead the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection,” with Press Secretary Gibbs saying the decision will come “in the not-too-distant future.”


Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) plans to break with the GOP and “help push a package of small-business incentives through the Senate.” Voinovich said Republican obstruction of the bill “amounted merely to partisan ‘messaging.’

President Obama will promote Austan Goolsbee to chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers today. Goolsbee has been serving on the council under outgoing chair Christina Romer.


Despite her anti-immigrant views, Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle “is courting endorsements from Hispanic leaders and has plans to air Spanish-language ads.” The Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA estimates that the Cincinnati region’s low-wage Hispanic workers could contribute as much as $800 million to the local economy each year. Dozens of people marched in Los Angeles’ Westlake district Thursday during a fourth night of protests over the death of a Guatemalan immigrant who was shot to death after LAPD officers said he threatened them with a knife.