The World According to CPAC

A full day of gloating and fear-mongering was on the agenda yesterday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

First, there was the gloating:

9:05am — 2004: How the Good Guys Won

Then the fear-mongering mixed with some baseless accusations:

9:55am — 2004: How the Bad Guys Tried to Stop Us and How We Can Guard Against Future Cheating

A break for some well-qualified experts to discuss “the question of bias” in the media:

11:05am — Novak vs. Donaldson: Did the Media Out Do Itself in 2004?

Then some more fear-mongering and baseless acusations:

1:05pm — Thwarting the Liberal Drive to Govern Through Judicial Edict

Followed by a dose of total craziness:

3:45pm — Kofi Annan and Rowanda [sic]: Impartial to Genocide

Sorry you missed it? There’s still plenty of time to trot on down to the Ronald Reagan Building for tomorrow’s program, which includes “In Defense of Innovation : The War Against the Drug Companies,” (after all, in 2003 the drug indutry was only the third most profitable industry in the country) and “Battling the Left in Its Privileged Sanctuaries.” Or, another good one: “Can Conservatives Get an Even Break on Campus? What’s Going On in our Colleges?”

You can get the inside scoop on what’s actually happening inside the conference from our Campus Progress mole.