The Wrath of Inhofe

My vision of less Star Trek blogging was somewhat undermined by the American Film Institute’s decision to include Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as part of their summer “totally awesome” 80s movie series. Naturally, I had to go over the weekend. Something about putting Shatner up on a giant movie screen and filling the room with people really, really, really heightens the camp elements of Trek and turned the whole thing into a laugh riot.

Free associating on the Metro back home, it becomes clear that what the new rebooted Trek really needs is a re-do of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home but dealing with a more contemporary environmental threat than the need to save humpback whales from extinction. For example, The Enterprise could travel back in time to try to urge the Senate to pass strong climate change legislation. I’m sure Spock would have some choice words for the illogical nature of the filibuster rule. Or maybe Scottie could teach us about some dilithium-based sources of clean energy, spurring a green jobs boom.