Think Digg

You may have noticed the “Digg It!” links at the bottom of some of our posts. Digg, for those of you who don’t already know, is a website where anyone can submit links and descriptions of news items they think are interesting. Users then “digg” items they like. Items with the most “diggs” get promoted to the front page where they get a lot of exposure.

We get a lot of emails asking us how you can get the information on Think Progress to an even larger audience. One answer: start digging posts you like. Here’s how to get started:

1. Join Digg. You can register here.

2. Start Digging. If you see a “Digg It!” link on a Think Progress post you like, click it and Digg the story. If you like a Think Progress post and you don’t see a “Digg It!” link, you can submit it youself.


3. Make friends. Digg is a social content website. You can make “friends” and keep track of the content they submit. My username is jlegum.

If you want to be friends with other ThinkProgress users, leave your username in the comments section. If you like Digg, you should also check out Reddit and Netscape — two sites that are doing similar stuff.