ThinkFast: October 19, 2006

“Evangelical Christian leaders are tackling a growing list of domestic and international issues, such as genocide in Darfur and global warming.” Today, a “broad coalition of evangelical leaders will begin airing advertisements on Christian radio stations calling for action to address climate change.”

October is on track to be the third-deadliest month of the war, despite the fact that the “military has not conducted any major operations.” The two months with higher casualty rates — Apr. 2004 and Nov. 2004 — “were marked by full-scale offensives in Falluja and Najaf.”

Addressing Bush’s false claim that detainees will be able to “hear all the evidence against them,” MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann said last night, “The Military Commissions act specifically permits the introduction of classified evidence not made available to the defense. Your words are lies, Sir. They are lies, that imperil us all.” A National Research Council study reports a “demonstrably downward” trend in the population of birds, bees, bats and other species that pollinate North American plant life. The trend could damage dozens of commercially important crops, scientists warned, because three-fourths of all flowering plants depend on pollinators for fertilization.

Staff on the House Veterans Affairs Committee report that the “number of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have sought help for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) doubled — from nearly 4,500 to more than 9,000 — from October 2005 through June 2006.”


CNN has given 50 times as much coverage to a controversial land deal by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) than to a land deal (worth more than two times as much) made by House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL).

“Information in an attack ad run by Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-CO) against his Democratic opponent for governor used illegal confidential information from a federal law enforcement database.” The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has asked the FBI to join a criminal investigation into the ad.

“Half of all Americans believe most members of Congress are corrupt,” according to a new CNN poll, “a figure that has risen 12 points since the start of the year — and more than a third even think their own representatives are crooked.”

And finally: With full Windsors and justice for all. Before a debate with challenger Don Hilliard, Rep. John Peterson (R-PA) “asked everyone to say the Pledge of Allegiance.” Unfortunately, “there was no American flag anywhere in the hall to pledge allegiance to.” “So the moderator, spotting Peterson’s wide, American flag-themed tie, asked everyone to turn their attention to Peterson, who obliged by putting his right hand over his breast and holding his tie out for the crowd to revere.”

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