ThinkFast PM: July 10, 2006

Will Ann Coulter be dropped from The Shreveport Times? The paper says it’s been “buried alive under an avalanche” of emails over the question, but has “yet to make a decision.” Write the editor with your thoughts.

The National Review’s John Derbyshire explains why he’s uneasy about immigration: “The U.S.A. was born with two race problems: the African Americans and the Native Americans. … Would it be wise to import a new one? Mass immigration from (say) Indonesia or (say) Bangladesh would add a huge visibly identifiable minority to our nation.”

In his book, Ron Suskind writes that President Bush authorized CIA interrogators to threaten the wife and children of Khalid Sheik Muhammed if he did not talk. Andrew Sullivan laments how the President of the United States “became the moral equivalent of a mafia boss.”

Mark Nickolas of The Bluegrass Report has filed suit against Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R). Gov. Fletcher banned the blog from state computers last month, one day after Nickolas was quoted in a New York Times article critical of Fletcher.


A new GAO report finds that Medicare prescription drug plan providers “failed to give accurate or complete answers on costs of the plans more than 70% of the time and ‘often severely underestimated the actual out-of-pocket costs beneficiaries would face.’”

Former Medicare chief Tom Scully agreed to pay the government $9,782 to settle allegations relating to his misuse of federal funds while working at the agency. One example cited in the agreement states Scully used a government-funded trip to Atlanta to spend most of the day interviewing at Alston & Bird — where he now works — and held only a “perfunctory” meeting with local Medicare officials.

And finally: You saw Zidane’s vicious World Cup Finals headbutt to Materazzi — now play the game.