ThinkFast PM: July 6, 2006

The World Cup scores a green goal. The event’s organizers “are earning praise for the event’s execution — and its environmental friendliness.”

Sen. John Kerry calls for the reopening of the CIA’s bin Laden unit. He writes, “Disbanding the bin Laden unit sends the message to the terrorists that they can kill thousands of Americans without being held to account.”

President Bush explains why he refuses to attend the funerals of fallen soldiers.

Wal-Mart has asked Al Gore to address company executives on global warming at the “retailer’s quarterly conference on sustainability.”


Cheney’s investments indicate that he’s betting on large deficits to drive down the dollar, drive up interest rates, and cause inflation.

“Michelle Malkin is taking some heat from her compadres on the right because she failed to apologized after heaping a great deal of vitriol on a woman who subsequently committed suicide.” And then she smeared the woman again.

And finally: Check out “Permission,” a great PSA on marriage fairness that won an award at the recent Media That Matters Film Festival.