ThinkFast PM: June 16, 2006

Atrios links Yglesias, and peers into the crystal ball: “Iraq will be an issue in 2006, 2008, 2010… Iraq will be an issue for at least the next dozen Friedmans. I don’t know why no one seems to be aware of that.”

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) calls for a “privacy bill of rights.” Aravosis has details.’s Mike Krempasky calls Ann Coulter’s suggestion that Rep. John Murtha be murdered “disgusting.” He adds, “It’s despicable — and frankly, so is Coulter.”

“Rick Santorum doesn’t hold much sway these days.” His amendment to enhance sanctions on Iran that once looked likely to pass, instead dealt him a “stunning defeat” this week.

See the latest commercial for An Inconvenient Truth. The movie will expand to over 400 theaters tomorrow.

“The death toll for American soldiers in Iraq hit the 2,500 mark yesterday with the national press not particularly eager to make much of it.” Columbia Journalism Review faults the press for not taking the “opportunity to do what newspapers and broadcast journalists and editors [have] too seldom done: look deeply into the lives of the young soldiers who are being lost in this conflict.”


Supporters of the South Dakota abortion ban “are saying that women have a ‘safety valve’ because the abortion ban still allows women to get Emergency Contraception. … It turns out that, like abortion, access to Emergency Contraception is also under attack in South Dakota.”

And finally: “If you’re a Windows user, open Notepad and type in this phrase, without the quote marks and with no carriage return: ‘Bush hid the facts’. Now save it and open it again. The subversive text is probably gone, replaced by a line of white boxes, or Chinese characters if you have the font. “ Spooky. Details here.What did we miss on the blogs? Let us know in the comments section.