ThinkFast: September 9, 2006 — Path to 911 Edition

“Official True Story.” How Path to 9/11 is being marketed in Europe. The commerical also features the scene slandering Sandy Berger.

Widowed husband of Disney executive killed on 9/11 writes to ABC’s Iger: I “urge you not to air this film.” TPMCafe has the full text.

Another example of Path to 911 contradicting the 9/11 Commission Report. Americablog notes that the film wrongly points the finger at American Airlines.

Video of a Path to 9/11 protest outside of Disney headquarters.


The Washington Post’s Tom Shales has a review: “Factually shaky, politically inflammatory and photographically a mess, The Path to 9/11…has something not just to offend everyone but also to depress them.”