Thinking of Her That Way

So, I’m a little embarrassed I missed that Olivia Wilde was the women in all of those Tron: Legacy glamor shots of a chick stretched out on a couch in a form-fitting jumpsuit. Now io9 says the movie could be the thing that makes her the next big action star. I’m still thinking about whether I buy it. I’ve always found Thirteen, Wilde’s character on House, to be somewhat annoying and manipulative (though not, sadly, in an interesting way like Anne Dudek’s Amber), but I do have to admit that I think it’s a complete and fairly deep performance. If the question is who’s the next Sigourney Weaver, though, which is how io9 framed the question, I think that’s a harder bar to clear. Wilde is so insanely stereotypically gorgeous (Google “Megan Fox,” “ox,” and “bare hands” for a laugh along those lines) that I’m not sure she’s developed the flintiness that made Weaver both really sexy and completely plausible as an action heroine. Fragility does action heroines no favors.