ThinkProgress Report Outs Republicans In The Clean-Energy Closet

A new ThinkProgress special report by Lee Fang shows that 62 Republicans from the House and Senate were once proponents of clean energy investments, sending letters asking for various clean energy-related loan guarantees, grants, and other assistance for their districts. Yet amidst the recent Solyndra controversy, many members of Congress have seized the opportunity to go on a witch-hunt against other clean energy programs authorized by the Department of Energy, from voting to defund the loan guarantee program and projects that would help employ veterans, and voting to slash funds for the clean car program that has created tens of thousands of jobs, to denouncing all clean energy grants as fraudulent, to denouncing all clean energy grants as fraudulent, and labeling green jobs as “so-called phony” jobs. These Republicans were once supportive of these government-funded green jobs in their districts. Do they still support them, or have cheap political attacks taken priority? Read the full report HERE.