ThinksGiving: ThinkProgress Reader Henry Waxman

Our guest blogger is Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA).

In my role as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, I know firsthand how important accountability is and the positive impact it has on our government.

This role is even more critical when dealing with an Administration that routinely insists on secrecy. The Bush Administration has done everything it can to avoid public scrutiny and to limit congressional oversight. The Administration has rolled back open government laws and expanded those laws that allow it to operate in the shadows.

ThinkProgress plays a critical role in combating this secrecy. It unstintingly shines a spotlight on corruption and radical right-wing propaganda, while at the same time helping readers to better understand the issues progressives care about. It provides valuable context and background on an extraordinary range of issues, including contracting corruption, the importance of having independent Inspectors General, and the war in Iraq. At the same time, it facilitates a forum for lively conversation on these and many other topics.


It is a must-read for political news because it provides intelligent, up-to-the-minute coverage and analysis of the most important issues facing our country.

We live in a world that is both increasingly more connected and yet vulnerable to misleading information and propaganda. That is why it is more important than ever for organizations like ThinkProgress to continue to provide smart and thoughtful commentary. It is an invaluable service and essential to our democracy.

ThinkProgress’ “citizen centered” approach is breathing new life into journalism and giving many of us the information we need when we need it.

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