This Is The Second Week In A Row That An American Teacher Accidentally Shot Themselves At School


Sixth grade teacher Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery was injured Thursday morning when she accidentally fired her gun in her Utah elementary school bathroom. Authorities believe the bullet accidentally struck a toilet that exploded, causing fragments of the toilet and the bullet to strike her leg and injure her. Ferguson-Montgomery was listed in good condition, according to ABC News. But she’s not the only teacher to accidentally fire her gun at school, just since this school year started.

Last week, an Idaho State University professor shot himself, literally, in the foot. And while Ferguson-Montgomery was carrying the gun illegally when it accidentally discharged in the bathroom, the Idaho professor was carrying his gun on campus pursuant to a new Idaho law that allows people with concealed carry permits to bring their guns onto campus.

In past years, guns have accidentally discharged at schools in Houston, Texas, La Gardena, California, and New York City.

Still lawmakers in many states are increasingly moving to liberalize gun laws, as guns surpass car accidents as the leading cause of death among young people. Just yesterday, the Missouri legislature overrode Gov. Jay Nixon’s (D) veto of a law that will arm schoolteachers. It became the tenth state to pass a law allowing armed school employees since the Sandy Hook Massacre in late 2012.