This White Supremacist Trump Fan Got A Guest Pass To The RNC

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, center, gives a thumbs up as he talks with production crew during a walk through in preparation for his speech at the Republican National Convention, Thursday, July 21, 2016, in Cleveland. At right is is daughter Ivanka. CREDIT: AP PHOTO/EVAN VUCCI
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, center, gives a thumbs up as he talks with production crew during a walk through in preparation for his speech at the Republican National Convention, Thursday, July 21, 2016, in Cleveland. At right is is daughter Ivanka. CREDIT: AP PHOTO/EVAN VUCCI

Matt Forney, a white supremacist and passionate supporter of Republican nominee Donald Trump, attended the second day of the Republican National Convention, reporting live from the floor of the gathering, Media Matters reported.

Forney’s long record of racist and sexist comments include claims that “Blacks do nothing but murder cops, rob and rape people, and bring death and destruction wherever they go,” that there needs to be “black control,” and expressing his belief that women desire to be raped and beaten.

Forney claimed he gained access to the convention with the help of an RNC contact in a piece he published Wednesday. But Forney is far from the only white supremacist to be drawn to Trump’s message.

Here are some of the high profile white separatists who are supporting Trump:

David Duke

Former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke has endorsed Trump, saying that white people who vote against Trump are committing “treason” to their heritage.


Trump famously refused at first to disavow Duke after being confronted by a reporter before eventually distancing himself from Duke, who is now considering a run for Congress.

Matthew Heimbach

Matthew Heimbach, who shoved a protester at an April Trump rally and has called himself “the next David Duke” is another of Trump’s supporters. As ThinkProgress previously reported, Heimbach has quoted Nazis, is banned from the United Kingdom, shunned from the Orthodox Christian Church because of his extreme rhetoric, and has attacked a marcher at an anti-rape rally.

Gregory Hood

Gregory Hood once wrote: “There is no part of what could be called progressivism that American liberals are not willing to abandon — or even condemn — if it means dispossessing whites. Nowhere is this more evident than in immigration policy.” He has referred to minorities as the “mascots” of leftists,” and opined that, “[h]aving fueled anti-American and anti-white rage for their own purposes, leftists have a hard time keeping their minority mascots on script when the cameras come out.”


In a blog post endorsing Trump, Hood wrote that he admired Trump because “Unlike every other politician in the United States, and certainly every other politician on the American Right, Trump never apologizes. He keeps attacking.”

William Johnson

William Johnson once proposed a Constitutional amendment which read that “No person shall be a citizen of the United States unless he is a non-Hispanic white of the European race. … Only citizens shall have the right and privilege to reside permanently in the United States.”

He also once complained that “Whites don’t have a future here in this country, and that is … one of many issues that I am addressing.”

Johnson became a subject of national news when it was revealed he would be a delegate at the RNC for Trump. The Trump campaign later claimed it was an error and Johnson resigned as a delegate.

Nevertheless, Johnson is a big fan of Trump, saying in an interview with Fusion that “Donald Trump is the herald, the leader, the founder of the resurgence of the nationalist platform.”

Brad Griffin

Brad Griffin defended Trump’s racist comments about a judge of Mexican decent being biased toward Trump because of his race. Griffin, the founder of the White Nationalist website Occidental Dissent, wrote “the Left attacks Trump as a ‘racist’ for his comments on the Mexican federal judge, but simultaneously demands that women and ‘people of color’ be appointed to the courts precisely because their background gives them a different perspective than cisgendered White males. Trump’s list of Supreme Court picks was attacked because of its lack of ‘diversity.’”


Occidental Dissent lists at the top that it’s “pro-white, pro-south, pro-independence.” Griffin also once threatened to bring the flag of the League of the South, a southern nationalist organization, to Ferguson after black teenager Michael Brown was killed by a police officer.  Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor has been explicit in his white separatism, saying “Most white people, whether they say so or not, would prefer to live in a majority white neighborhood, in a majority white country but they’re too terrified to say it. And the idea of restricting immigration and sending back illegal immigrants is very encouraging to such people.”

Taylor explained in an interview with Talking Points Memo his reasons for supporting Trump, saying the GOP nominee is “the first candidate in many, many years to take positions that may in fact be beneficial to the white majority.”

Rocky Suhayda

Chairman of the American Nazi party, Rocky Suhayda wrote: “Comrades, I feel that 2016 will be a wonderful year of opportunity for Aryan Activists, what with all of these White folks coming out of the woodwork, and feeling empowered by Donald Trump’s explosive un-PC statements. Trump’s rallies have proven that out there is a huge percentage of White men and women who we can tap into, if we operate carefully and intelligently.”

In that same statement, Suhayda wrote “White men and women — how long will you be the enabler? Or, will you decide to join the resistance to evil, and start to intelligently become part of the solution, rather than the problem?”

— — — — — — — — — Trump has been widely criticized for being slow to denounce his white separatist supporters, such as when he refused at first to disavow Duke’s endorsement.

Evan Popp is an intern at ThinkProgress.


Duke praised Trump’s convention speech on Thursday, tweeting that he “couldn’t have said it better!”