Thoughts on IWF/C-SPAN Debate: Where is Buffy when we need her the most?

I will post a link to the video of the Independent Women’s Forum debate if C-SPAN gets around to uploading it. It was me against 3 or 4 disbelievers, so I had only a limited ability to reply to the endless stream of misinformation.

One thing is clear — the Denyers just keep repeating the same myths over and over again. I promised on air I would post debunkings. The following aren’t exact quotes.

“The same scientists who are screaming about global warming today were screaming about global cooling two or three decades ago.” NOT. Like Dracula, this myth can’t be killed, but if you want some good rebuttals, try this RealClimate overview post and this one too, as well as this excellent post on “Was an imminent Ice Age predicted in the ‘70’s by scientists, in scientific journals?

“17,000 scientists signed the Oregon petition saying climate change isn’t happening.” Another vampire-like myth. A good rebuttal is at Deltoid and Mediamatters.


And, of course, the newest baby vampire, “NASA was recently forced to revise its temperature data proving the 1930s were warmer than today.” That one’s so new, even Climate Progress has debunked it.

Where is Buffy when we really need her?

Stossel was pretty good as moderator, I thought, only betraying his bias a couple of times, most notable at the very end when he “reminded people that James Hansen predicted in the 1980s that New York’s Westside Highway would be underwater by now” — a claim I can’t find anywhere on the web, and needless to say is nothing Hansen ever said.

The best part of the whole debate involved, yes, toilets. Before the panel, I reminded Stossel he had interviewed me ten years ago, but he didn’t remember, even when I reminded him it was about “high-efficiency toilets” — he did realize it must have been part of his “Give us a Break” series, and told me this would be my chance to get even with him. But about halfway through the debate he remembered the story and brought it up, seemingly to give me the chance to make a solid point — that at first the government regulations led to some toilets that people complained about but the marketplace soon responded and solved the problem.

All in all, not a waste of time and Stossel told me afterwards he might write about toilets and global warming in his column. I told him he can say anything he wanted as long as he mentioned my blog….