Three Fibs Mitt Romney Tells About His Business Record

On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney repeatedly lies about policy matters. He falsely claims that President Obama is adding regulations at a “staggering rate,” making “ the economy worse” and is constantly apologizing for America. He even claims that his tax plan is not a tax cut for the rich, when it is just that.

But according to Securities and Exchange Commission documents uncovered by the Boston Globe, TPM, and Mother Jones, Romney’s misrepresentations extend beyond partisan policy disagreements. He has lied about his main qualification for seeking the presidency: his own business record:

1) Mitt Romney left Bain Capital later than he claims. Securities and Exchange Commission documents show that Romney remained Bain’s chairman and president, owning 100 percent of Bain as late as 2002, the Boston Globe reports. Romney has contended he left in February 1999 in order to fend off attacks that he is responsible for Bain layoffs or outsourcing.

2) Mitt Romney said he created 100,000 jobs at Bain. But he downgraded that number to “thousands” after even Sarah Palin doubted its veracity. His campaign now admits the number is completely bogus. Romney’s tally did not even begin to include the thousands of layoffs at companies in which Bain invested.


3) Mitt Romney said his business investments aren’t responsible for outsourcing jobs. Romney’s campaign hoped to have the Washington Post retract its story on his outsourcing record. The paper, however, refused, after the Romney camp could provide no credible evidence to contradict the Post’s reporting.