Thune: Gay and Lesbian Jurists Need Not Apply

Of course I doubt John Thune would vote for a breeder nominee either:

[C]onservative leaders have warned the nomination of a gay or lesbian justice could complicate Obama’s effort to confirm a replacement for Souter, and another Republican senator on Wednesday warned a gay nominee would be too polarizing.

“I know the administration is being pushed, but I think it would be a bridge too far right now,” said GOP Chief Deputy Whip John Thune. “It seems to me this first pick is going to be a kind of important one, and my hope is that he’ll play it a little more down the middle. A lot of people would react very negatively.”

I assume that Obama will get 38 or 39 “no” votes no matter who he picks, so I don’t think any of this should be taken very seriously. But it’s nice to see some old-fashioned, un-subtle bigotry.