Time to Do Something on DADT

I keep forgetting to link to my column in yesterday’s Daily Beast about Barack Obama’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” foot dragging:

The problem with the arguments for inaction isn’t that they’re wrong, it’s that they prove too much. The military is always doing important work under difficult conditions. And the president is always dealing with a variety of hugely important issues. No day is ever going to be a convenient day for the brass to stop doing what they’re doing, and start dealing with the difficulties involved in getting soldiers accustomed to serving alongside openly gay and lesbian crew members. And no day is ever going to be a convenient day for the White House political team to pick a fight with the military. But that’s a reason to avoid delay, not to embrace it. The current policy is as wrong as it was during the campaign, and firing skilled and patriotic linguists is as insane today as it was during the campaign. […]

Instead of writing more letters to patriotic men and women in uniform who are tired of living a lie, it’s time for Obama to start writing letters to members of Congress urging them to change the rules.

Read the whole thing here.