Tinfoil Time

The Corner hits a new low of absurdity:

Now here’s a subversive little thought about that Khalidi tape that the Los Angeles Times is guarding like a cargo of plutonium.

* Item: The Los Angeles Times is owned by the Tribune Co. * Item: The Tribune Co. is based in Chicago. * Item: “In 2008, Tribune is struggling under a $13 billion debt load, much of it incurred in taking the company private in 2007, and from plummeting advertising income at its newspapers.” (Wikipedia. A business friend tells me the current figure is actually $14.7 billion.) * Item: Tribune Chairman and CEO Sam Zell is a major Republican donor. Why would he not want his paper to release the Khalidi tape? * Item: The federal government is sitting on a bailout fund of $700 billion. * Item: It’s not likely the Treasury can disburse more than one or two hundred billion of that before the next administration comes in. * Item: The next administration will therefore have at least half a trillion greenies to hand out to anyone it deems worthy of being bailed out. Anyone — there are no hard and fast rules. * Item: 14.7 billion is a very small proportion — less than three percent — of half a trillion.

Again, the tape is not being released because the LA Times was given the tape under the condition that they not release it. The only reason anyone knows of the tape’s existence is that the LA Times wrote a story revealing its existence and describing its content. If the LA Times were conspiring to keep the tape covered up, all they would have had to do would have been to not run the story. But they did run the story. Because they’re not perpetuating a cover-up.