To combat BP oil disaster, youth rock band ˜One Eyed Rhyno Tours with hit charitable single

Proceeds go to cleaning up the Gulf, raising awareness

Our guest blogger is CAP’s Ben Kaldunski.

In the wake of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf, the most severe environmental catastrophe in American history to date, the teenage rock and blues band One Eyed Rhyno is continuing the American tradition of music as activism. Touring charitable events and fundraisers across Northern California, One Eyed Rhyno (OER) is raising funds and awareness to help clean up the Gulf and support wildlife conservation in the area.

OER’s recent single “The Bird” was inspired by the BP oil spill and written by James Hunter in order to raise awareness of wildlife conservation in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. All proceeds from sales of this charitable single go to the Student Conservation Association, America’s premier environmental leadership organization for young people. The song is available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Here’s the video:

A few lines from ‘The Bird’ (can listen on Youtube) show a clear call to activism:

Have you seen the bird, he don’t flyhis wings are black, can you hear him cryhow’s your soul, do you even seeyou just ignored it, you let bad things be

OER is led by siblings James and Elaine Hunter and their longtime friend Andrew Daniels, forming a classic power trio that has been compared to Led Zeppelin, Johnnie Lang and Stevie Ray Vaughn.


The Student Conservation Association was founded in 1957 and is dedicated to the development of tomorrow’s conservation leaders. SCA provides high school and college age individuals with hands-on conservation opportunities in all 50 states, from urban communities to national parks and forests. In the Gulf region, SCA members have rescued sea birds and sea turtles, assessed the spill’s impact on wildlife and habitats, and created GPS/GIS maps documenting the flow of oil.

Many members of the National Park Service workforce began their careers with SCA, and 70% of SCA alumni remain active in conservation work. They are excited to join One Eyed Rhyno in the effort to restore the Gulf of Mexico to its natural state. featured the official music video for “The Bird” for their “Weekend Without Oil” campaign which took place August 21–22 nationwide. The campaign challenged participants to reduce their use of oil and petroleum products by practicing sustainable lifestyle choices and participating in community based events. According to the campaigns website, 24,270 gallons of oil were saved or offset by those who pledged to participate in the two day event. OER has also participated in fundraisers for other causes including Teens Turning Green, Africa Student Funds, Music for Kids, blood drives to fight leukemia, community shopping days to benefit various local nonprofits, and a variety of church and school fundraisers. The band recently took first place at the 2010 Jammies, Sacramento’s Youth Music Competition.

One Eyed Rhyno certainly isn’t the only youth group in the movement for climate and environmental activism. If anything, they highlight an ever-growing voice for change among America’s young leaders. A new generation of leaders is emerging in America with artists and advocates like One Eyed Rhyno leading the charge, and they realize that change cannot wait. OER’s commitment to activism and their collaboration with organizations like SCA exemplify the desire for urgent action on environmental issues that millions of young Americans feel today.

Listen to ‘The Bird’ on Youtube here or visit One Eyed Rhyno’s Myspace page. The song is available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers, and all proceeds go to the Student Conservation Association.